Life without Coronavirus


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Social problem: 

Currently, society faces an important public health challenge derived from the global pandemic of Coronavirus - COVID-19- SARS-CoV, (WHO, 2020) [1] especially affecting the American continent, including the countries of South America. Colombia has seen the number of cases increase dramatically with more than 70,000 deaths and current projections foresee a growing peak of the pandemic.

Given this, it became necessary to create strategies to mitigate the contagion since misinformation, lack of awareness and adequate supplies or protection elements do not allow to counteract the risk factors of the Coronavirus COVID-19.

General purpose: 

Support the rural population in the prevention of contagion and the early detection of Coronavirus COVID-19.

Objetivo de desarrollo sostenible: 

Currently, society faces an important public health challenge derived from the global pandemic of coronavirus - COVID-19- SARS-CoV, especially affecting the countries of Latin America. Through the Bive without Coronavirus project we seek to support the rural population through the prevention of contagion and early detection of the Coronavirus Covid-19

How do we do it?: 

1. Technical assistance:

  • Information to the community through virtual training (workers of the Cooperatives, women leaders of the community and delegates of each Cooperative) about the protocols of attention in times of coffee harvest and COVID-19, mental health and update on the routes of attention and services that the government is providing and generating in the face of the pandemic.
  • Sending of kits of protection elements for health care (face mask and glycerinated alcohol).
  • Rapid Coronavirus COVID-19 tests

2. Community education:

  • Inform and raise awareness in the community of the importance of protection measures to mitigate the risk factors of the Coronavirus, COVID-19, through:
  • Informational radio programs and healthy challenges where listeners were rewarded with protective supplies.
  • Sending text messages.
  • Informational posters sent.

3. Health orientation:

  • Attention friendly line to identify the people who need to use the rapid tests and directing the attention routes in each municipality, by telephone and WhatsApp groups.

4. Generation of evidence:

  • Collection of knowledge before and after the execution of the project with the participants in order to identify the impact measurement of the project.
  • 66 Departments 77 Branches 
  • 11 Coffee growers cooperatives
  • 21,441 Directly benefited associates
  • 64,323 Total associates
  • 447 Risk management activities
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