Healthy smiles


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Social problem: 

Low income communities in Colombia are negatively affected by the defective national health system, in which dental care is not often addressed or covered by traditional health plans. As a result, which leads to an interpretation of oral orthopedic treatments, orthodontic appliances and correction procedures as aesthetic treatments and citizens have to use particular services to have access to them. Caries and malocclusions are a public health problem in Colombia, which result in a need for different types of intervention of the health system and the linkage of different actors.


To address this issue, Bive developed an intervention in oral health called “Healthy Smiles.” This social project, financed by the LGT Impact Venture Fund, has provided dental services and education to 1,252 low-income children in Manizales, Colombia.

General purpose: 

Diagnose and treat preventable dental diseases of 1250 children in Manizales City 

How do we do it?: 
  • We identified the most common causes of dental diseases for children between 4 and 13 years from low-income families in the municipality of Manizales.
  • We provided a preventive and corrective treatment in oral health for children who were part of the project.
  • We enabled specialized treatments in maxillary orthopedics and orthodontics for 340 children.
  • We developed educational health strategies with the children and their families based on family workshops and text messaging, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the treatments carried out.
  • We attended 1250 children from the Manizales City.
  • We performed 1086 operative and non-operative treatments, 340 maxillary orthopedic and orthodontic treatments were provided for boys and girls with malocclusion problems.
  • We developed a family education program, through 53 participatory meetings, children, parents,  and caregivers were given information and tools for oral health care, the prevention of oral diseases and healthy lifestyles.
  • 37,910 text messages were sent as an educational strategy, with information on healthy tips to prevent oral diseases and promote health care.